In April 2023, King's Christian College opened the new primary building at our Logan Village campus. After witnessing the remarkable transformation from a construction site into a visually impressive two-storey structure, students and staff stepped into the newly completed building to begin the second term. Filled with excitement, Year 1 and 2 students eagerly explored the thoughtfully designed spaces, with great anticipation for the opportunities that awaited them within its walls.

With a focus on enhancing our student's educational experience, the eight innovative classrooms and additional learning spaces offer a contemporary and vibrant setting aimed at cultivating a stimulating environment that encourages students to thrive and unleash their creative potential.

Flexible learning spaces create a dynamic environment for learning that can be easily rearranged to support diverse teaching and educational activities. The classrooms and learning spaces offer generous spaces for group work, discussion and independent study. Expansive windows provide an abundance of natural light, together with imaginative decor and lighting that illuminates the rooms and creates an inviting environment for students.

The lower level of our building is the new home of the primary school reception area, accompanied by office spaces for staff to support students. There's also a dedicated clinic ready to provide necessary medical support and care for the school community.

The new primary school building is a welcome addition to our Logan Village campus, providing primary students and staff with facilities that promote learning, innovation, and creativity.