Early Learning

2.5 Years to 5 Years old

Primary School

Prep - Year 6

High School

Year 7 - Year 12

Trade College

Year 10 - Year 12


Recent and Future projects

Reedy Creek Project Master Plan

1. Prep Centre

Opening in 2016, the Prep Centre, together with the adjacent Early Learning Centre, creates an Early Learning Precinct at the front of the campus.

2. Noah's Ark Early Learning Centre

Noah's Ark is the entry point to school at King's. Recent updates to playgrounds complement the facilities in other areas of our Early Learning precinct.

3. Auditorium

The Auditorium is used for chapels, assemblies, our performing arts events and is the home to King's Church.

4. Covered Courts

5. Sports Centre

The Sports Centre features indoor courts, gym and class rooms

6. Year 3 Classrooms and primary administration

Completed in 2023, this building is home to Year 3, primary art and primary administration

7. Primary Classrooms

8. iZone

The Innovation Hub is the centre for STEM in the primary school and contains the lower primary library

9. Future Performing Arts

10. Main Administration / Lecture Theatre / Resource Centre

11. Future Administration Extension

12. Future Multi-storey Specialist Building

13. High School Administration

14. Drama, Art, Textile, Food Technology

15. Future High School Administration Building

16. Industrial Design, Technology

17. Future Entry Porte Cochere

18. High School Classrooms

19. Science, Flexible Learning Areas

20. High School Classrooms

21. Future New Amenities / Sporting Change Rooms

22. Future Multi-storey Classrooms, Canteen, Uniform Shop, Student Services

23. The Hub, Primary Classrooms

24. Primary Classrooms

25. Amphitheatre Stage

26. Maintenance Facilities / Bus Workshop

27. Maintenance

28. Maintenance

29. Future Sporting Field / Running Track

30. Sporting Fields

31. Car Parking

32. Bus Parking

33. Village Green / Volleyball Courts

34. Multi-purpose Hard Courts

35. Multi-purpose Courts