The new high school building at King's Pimpama campus has been completed, and students and staff are thrilled with the new facilities. With eight innovative classrooms, two science labs, and flexible learning spaces, the two-storey building provides a modern and dynamic environment that supports learning and creativity.

The classrooms are designed with student learning in mind, providing ample space for group work, discussion, and independent study. The spacious classrooms have large windows that offer plenty of natural light, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

In addition to the classrooms, the new high school building features two science labs equipped with modern equipment and technology. The labs provide students with an optimal learning environment to explore and discover and engage in hands-on science experiments.

Flexible learning spaces, from open-plan areas to quiet zones, create a dynamic and collaborative environment for learning. Whether students work independently, in small groups, or in a more collaborative setting, these spaces can be easily rearranged to support diverse teaching and learning activities.

The upper level of the building also includes a staff room, providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for staff to relax, collaborate, and prepare for their lessons. The staff room offers modern amenities, including a kitchenette and comfortable seating, ensuring that staff have everything they need to recharge and support their students.

The new high school building is a welcome addition to our Pimpama campus, providing our high school students and staff with additional facilities that promote learning, innovation, and creativity. With eight classrooms, two science labs and flexible learning spaces, the new high school building provides an environment that will support our students for years to come.